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Recognition on the Doyles List

Our Principal, Kate Marr and our firm, Marr Family Lawyers are both "Recommended" in the Doyles List for 2021


FAMILY LAW IN FOCUS - A helpful guide through family law

PROTECT (through knowledge, strategy and preservation) PREPARE (gather information, identify issues and be at your best) FINALISE (obtain holistic advice, make it enforceable and expect compliance)


2021 IWIB Business Women’s Awards

Our Principal, Kate Marr is named as a finalist in the 2021 IWIB Business Women’s Awards – in the category IWIB Best New Business


What People Say About Marr Family Lawyers

"... I want to thank you so much for your work you have been doing and the empathy and compassion you have showed me..."

Name withheld

"I cannot easily put into words how much you have helped me get through what has been the most stressful time of my life so please accept my sincerest thanks"


"Prior to having Marr Family Lawyers represent me I was in a long and stressful court battle over parenting arrangements for my children who I saw very little of. Having Marr Family Lawyers handle my family law matter was the best decision I ever made. Kate provided informed and compassionate advice and went above and beyond to assist me in getting not just a great outcome but one that I wanted. Were it not for Kate, I would likely still be caught up in legal proceedings and having very minimal time with my children. Thanks to Kate it is all settled and I get to spend great quality time with my children"