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Parenting After Separation

parenting plan

Separation is likely to be an overwhelmingly emotional time for the family. Grieving the relationship and at the same time, making decisions that will likely have a long lasting impact is stressful. Parents are often anxious about the uncertainty of the children's living arrangements and seek to formalise the ongoing parenting arrangements. 

Whilst the parenting arrangements can be (and perhaps should be) formalised by way of Orders, there are many separated families that do not have any Orders in place. Despite going through a separation, there still may exist trust and confidence that each parent will facilitate changeover of the children at all such times as agreed, and any issues that may arise in relation to the children is “sorted out” as and when needed.

On the contrary, there are families (particularly in the early stages after separation), that require a document setting out the arrangements for the children, that settles issues that may be in dispute in the future (including how changeover is effected, how communication is to take place, in addition to how significant occasions including birthdays and Christmas are to be shared).

Documenting the “custody” arrangements can be set out in either a Parenting Plan or Orders (made by consent or as determined by a Judge).

Marr Family Lawyers can provide you with the appropriate legal advice, as to what arrangements may be in the children’s best interests and if the parenting regime should be documented after consideration of your family’s circumstances.