About Me

I commenced an internship through the University of Wollongong at Marr Family Lawyers in August 2020. I have been employed as a Paralegal since January 2021.

I work with Kate and Kristina to help service new and existing clients, to assist them in resolving their family law matter in an amicable and efficient manner.

I understand the importance to provide empathy, compassion and patience. I enjoy assisting new clients with their enquiries and building strong communication channels with existing clients, being a point of support through such a difficult and stressful time.

When not at work, I love getting outdoors or going to the gym to keep active. I enjoy eating out and having a good wine with family and friends.

My Experience

I work with both Kate and Kristina on a daily basis, interacting and building relationships with all clients.

I commenced a Bachelor’s Degree of Laws and Commerce (Public Relations) in 2020. In my first and third year of studies, I was grateful to be named on the Dean Merits List.

I am interested in the field of family law, particularly cases involving property settlements and complex financial matters.

I have been lucky enough to, in working with at Marr Family Lawyers, meet and work with highly experienced and respected barristers and experts, providing me with insight into the processes and procedures of family law.

My Qualifications